Smart home technology comes in a comprehensive and diverse ecosystem and there are options for everyone. What do you need a smart home for? How do you know that is what you need? That is where a smart home professional like us comes into play.

Here are some questions to help you get to the bottom of what you want out of your smart home:

Is your smart home technology for function or fun?


  •     Amazon Alexa
  •     Control4 Home Audio

Amazon Alexa is a smart home/personal assistant. Alexa can turn on your favorite tv shows, play your favorite music, tell you a joke, control connected lights or other devices. 


  •     Crestron motorized shades
  •     Control4 System

With Crestron motorized shades you can have them programmed to gradually open in the morning or you can control the temperature in your home throughout the day. And with a Control4 system you can tie your smart devices together to make them even more convenient and functional.

Do you want smart home technology to enhance safety or entertainment?


  •     Yale, Baldwin and Kwikset smart locks
  •     Ring Alarm
  •     Hikvision IP Cameras

Smart locks allow you to unlock and lock your door remotely. You can give access to guests that you want when you aren’t home, and you can revoke that access. IP cameras can be accessed anywhere even when you aren’t at home. If your Ring alarm detects an issue it will send you a notification.


  •     Apple TV
  •     Triad Multi-Room Audio

There are many options for smart home entertainment. For all of your streaming needs there is Apple TV. You can watch all of your favorite tv shows and movies in one place. If you want audio throughout your entire home, outside, or select rooms you can use Triad audio and Control4 and use one of your favorite music streaming services.

No matter what you would like to do we can help you decide.         

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