While you have been home these past few months, I am sure you have thought; Can I turn on my lights with my iPad? Can I turn on my lights and tv at the same time from a push of one button? Can I see what doors are unlocked at once? Well the answer to those questions is yes, if you had a smart home. With technology in your home the options are endless. 

Some of the things you can do today with a smart home are:

  •     Control all the lights around your home
  •     Get notifications and video when someone is at your door. You can even unlock the door and communicate with the person there
  •     You can monitor your home security system when you go back to the office


Unfortunately, most of the time you have a smart home you have multiple apps that you have to manage, but with a smart home OS you won’t have to change apps you can just one to manage all of your smart home needs. It really is more convenient.

Traditional smart lighting might sound like it would be useful and they would be, but what if you don’t have your phone or Alexa. Well then you would have to get up and manually turn on the lights, now you have disrupted the connection between the lights and the app. The disruption could also mess with your default settings. 


Thankfully there are home automation specialist like us that have the knowledge to help you get your smart home OS. You may still be wondering what a smart home OS (operating system) is. It is a system that is designed to join hundreds of connectable devices around your home and control them with one platform. One popular operating system is Control4 Smart Home OS 3. 

Some of the smart home products from Control4 you can get are:

  •     Smart thermostat
  •     Universal remote
  •     Multi-room music and video
  •     Home theater audio and control

The best part of having a smart home with an OS is that you can set up scenes. Like:


You can set up your lights to come on and turn off at certain times, so it looks like you are at home. By doing that you can help prevent a burglary while you are not home. You would also get notifications on your cameras if you had them.


You probably have to work and worry about your kids when they come home. Well with a smart home OS there is less to worry about. You can have your front door lock behind the kids when they come in. 


When you are ready for a connected home give us a call and we will set up a meeting for you!


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