What makes your home theater a runner up to the experience you get at a movie theater? The answer lies in the sound systems. Movie theaters offer surround sound that includes physical speakers on all sides of the viewers. However, most televisions only have a speaker in the TV, so sound comes from one source. To upgrade your viewing experience, you should integrate surround sound into your home.

What Is Surround Sound?

Surround sound includes speakers and receiver channels. You need to match the number of speakers to the number of receiver channels.

When it comes to sound systems, you will see a number with one or two decimals in it. The standard version has the number of speakers to the left of one decimal and the number subwoofers to the right of the decimal. For example, 7.1 surround sound has seven speakers and one subwoofer. You will need seven receiver channels.

Newer systems, such as Atmos, has a third number. This value, which comes to the right of a second decimal, represents the number of up-firing speakers. This type of surround sound creates an even more realistic representation of where the sound would come from.

Improve Your Home Theater

If you don’t already have a home theater surround sound system, or if you only have a 5.1 model, consider upgrading to a more complete experience. The more speakers you have and the better the sound system controlling them, the more integrated you will feel into the action.

Make Your Home Theater a Better Experience

Transform your home viewing experience into one that more closely replicates watching a movie at a theater. Start your process today by picking up your phone and calling us at 714-744-4455 at Home Theater Installation of Orange County. Let us help you to turn your TV watching into an experience of unsurpassed video and audio.


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