Save Your Furniture and Stop the Glare with Motorized Shades

When you work hard for your home and the things inside it, you should protect them from solar damage with motorized shades. These shades provide you with a variety of levels of light that give you the privacy, energy savings, or glare reduction that you need when you need it. If you live in Orange County, trust our professionals at Home Theater Installation of Orange County to recommend and install the perfect motorized shades for your home.

Why Are Motorized Shades Better Than Manual?

Compared to manually drawn drapes or shades, motorized shades give you control over all the window coverings in a room with the touch of a button. This push-button control increases your home's usefulness and accessibility for everyone.

Because some homes have a design that makes accessing the shades difficult due to the manual controls' locations behind furnishings, automating the process with motorized operation makes everything easier. Even people who may not be able to reach the manual shade controls due to height or mobility issues can still customize the level of natural light in the room.

If you tie your motorized shades into your home automation system, you can adjust the lighting in a room even when you aren't at home. For example, if you forgot to close the shades when you left for work, you can close them automatically from your app. This control protects your home's privacy and your furnishings and pictures from damage caused by excessive sun exposure.

Imagine sitting on the sofa with a loved one and closing the shades without getting up to reduce glare on the screen and increase your privacy. You may not want to have your shades open after sunset while you have the lights on in your home. Motorized shades let you gain privacy at the touch of a button.

Get Started on a Home That Offers Comfortable Living

Motorized shades are a small convenience but one that you will wonder how you could live without. Get started on creating a smarter home by calling us at 714-744-4455 to talk to one of our experts in home automation. At Home Theater Installation of Orange County, we can get you the motorized shades and home automation system you need to make your house a modern castle.


Gain Control of Your Home's Safety and Security, Even When You're Not There

If you have a smart phone, you have a means of controlling a home security system from anywhere in the world. While most people consider their homes to be their castles, you can provide your family with a better security system than a drawbridge and moat. Today's home security systems include automated locks and remotely operated cameras. Discover more about your options from us at Home Theater Installation of Orange County.

Keep Your Home Safe from Anywhere

Did you lock the front door? Instead of going back home, open your security app on your phone and check the lock's status. Having remotely locking doors protects your home from those who may try to break in by stealing your keys.

Also, if you feel concerned about your home while on vacation or at work, log into your security system app on your smart phone and take a look through the cameras. You can even move the cameras to change your point of view. This use of cameras gives you peace of mind that everything is fine at your home and your belongings are safe. You can also use it to check your home for signs of broken windows or interior damage from a storm or earthquake, even if you are still at work.

Using security cameras and remotely controlled locks help protect your home's belongings by giving you the ability to check in at any time and from anywhere. But these are not the only uses for a home security system.

Watch Your Kids or Pets

If you have kids or pets that occasionally stay at home alone, you probably worry about them. Using home security cameras also lets you make sure that your kids got home safely from school or that your dog is not shredding your bedding in your absence. Even if you're not physically at home, you can still keep an eye on your kids or pets through home security cameras.

Start the Process to Secure Your Home Today

If you feel ready to make your home a more secure place, let us know at Home Theater Installation of Orange County. Phone us at 714-744-4455 to start the process of having a home security system installed throughout your home.


Sanitizing Your Crestron Touchscreen

Just like your phone or iPad your Crestron Touchscreen should be sanitized per the CDC recommendations during this difficult time. Here at Home Theater Installation Orange County (Commercial Audio Video Installation Orange County) we recommend that you sanitize the screen before and after each use and wash your hands as well.


Crestron has made a wonderful blog about how to sanitize your touchscreen, which could be useful for your phone or iPad as well. 


This is how Crestron says to clean their screens;

To clean a Crestron interface, simply use any commercially available non-ammonia glass or disinfectant cleaner solution with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Do not use anything containing bleach. Apply a small amount of cleaner directly to  a microfiber or a similar disposable towel or cloth-be sure the cloth is damp and not wet. Then wipe the glass display clean. Most of our systems are not waterproof so do not apply cleaner directly to any interface. And do not wipe the plastic surrounding the display.”


To read more about sanitizing your equipment please check out Crestron’s blog post


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Expand Your Home's Square Footage with Outdoor Living Space Entertainment Options

You live in southern California, so why aren't you using your outdoor space for entertainment more often? This area is one of the best in the country when it comes to weather. Because inclement weather occurs so rarely, you have more days each year to enjoy dining, swimming, talking, watching TV, or listening to music while in your backyard. If you didn't think an outdoor entertainment system was for you, see what we at Home Theater Installation of Orange County can do for you.

Transform Your Backyard into a Multimedia Entertainment Space

Even if you don't like outdoor activities like swimming or sunbathing, you can still enjoy your yard for barbecues, parties, drinking, and enjoying media. By integrating media into your outdoor space, you increase the living area of your home to include your patio or yard.

With today's media and control systems, you can have embedded speakers, customized lighting, and television screens on your outdoor patio. Your outdoor space can have the same vibe as the living area in your home. With a flat-screen TV and speakers surrounding the area, your outdoor patio becomes as enjoyable as your home's TV room.

If you have a pool or spa, we can also integrate lights into and around the water feature to increase nighttime safety and improve the appearance of the area.

Gain Control of Your Outdoor Entertainment System With an App

Adding to the enjoyment is the ability to control everything from your phone. By interacting with the control app on your phone, you can change the TV channel, brighten the lights, or increase the audio volume. Just as you can control sound and TV in your home through automation systems, you can remotely operate these outdoor features from your phone's app.

Let Us Give Help You With a Yard Makeover

Give your backyard a major upgrade by contacting us at Home Theater Installation of Orange County. We have installation experience and high-quality products to increase your home's living areas to your backyard. Call us anytime during business hours at 714-744-4455to get started.


Customized Media Racks Keep Your AV Equipment Organized

If you have a multimedia system or home automation system, you likely have several components taking up space around your home. Let us take over the clutter by organizing your audio and video systems into a custom-built media rack. This service is one of the many that we offer at Home Theater Installation of Orange County.

What Is a Media Rack?

Media racks are wood or steel constructions that support your audio and video system parts. However, you can't just stuff your electronics onto a bookshelf. Our media racks take into account cooling needed by some systems. We can integrate fans for air movement if you have an audio or video control box that requires it. Keeping regular airflow prevents overheating of electronics and helps the components to extend their operating lives.

Where Do Media Racks Go?

What sets our custom-built media racks apart from others is where you can put them. While all-purpose racks from discount stores are flimsy and oversized, we build racks to fit where you want to place them. If you have several AV components and a home automation system, you will likely need a taller media rack than someone who only has a TV control system and a stereo.

When you ask us for a media rack, we can design it to accommodate your electronics and the space you have designated for it. Many of our customers opt to put their media racks into a portion of their home entertainment sets or inside a closet. You can choose one of these locations or anywhere else in your home where you want a common location for your media components.

Do You Want More Space and Less Clutter?

If you are tired of seeing the cables, cords, and electronic components lying around your home, contact us at 714-744-4455 to talk to our professionals at Home Theater Installation of Orange County. We can help you clean up your electronics and get rid of your component clutter.