The new year is here in full force, and if you’re like most of us, you’ve already made some resolutions for the year.

Maybe you’re making 2020 the year you get fit. Or perhaps you’re setting a more intellectual goal for yourself, to read a certain number of books or to finally learn another language.

Here at Experience Audio Video we applaud those efforts, of course— even if we can’t be much help with your physical fitness or intellectual goals.

What we can do is encourage you to make just one more resolution for 2020. Why not make 2020 the year you finally upgrade your home audio? Here are a couple reasons to upgrade your home audio in 2020.

A Matter of Quality

Have you ever had a day where you visited two similar establishments in the same day and you noticed some real quality differences? Maybe you grabbed a quick fast food lunch near work and then went to a high-end restaurant for a dinner date. Or perhaps you’ve been out shopping and ended up with a big box discount store and a high-end retailer in the same trip.

When juxtaposed like this, you can’t help but notice the differences. Both experiences are serviceable, but one is clearly better than the other.

It’s the same way with home audio. Cheap home audio gets the job done. You can hear the music, after all. But are you enjoying it as much as you could? Definitely not.

The bottom line: improved sound quality is one great reason to resolve to upgrade your home audio this year.

It’s Your Home— Enjoy the Time You Spend There

A better system translates to a better and more enjoyable listening experience. Do you want to keep settling for fast-food-level home audio? Or are you ready to upgrade to something more akin to fine dining? Make 2020 the year to switch.


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