The team here at Experience Audio Video loves assisting our clients in building out the home theaters of their dreams. Of course, a great home theater matches the style and personality of the owner. Seating is one great way to customize your home theater room, giving it a flavor and feel all its own.

There are plenty of great options available for home theater seating. Today we’ll look at two of them.

For the Sports Fan: Stadium-Style Seating

One of the simplest ways to choose your seating style is to consider how you’re planning to use your home theater. Is your family crazy about sports? Are you die-hard Dodgers or Lakers fans? Then consider stadium-style seating for your home theater.

Yes, there are vendors who will sell you the iconic fold-down seats found in stadiums around the country. Colors and even team branded options are available as well.

Are you a true die-hard fan? Most teams have either renovated or moved to a new stadium in the last decade or so, and you might be able to find actual seats from their previous stadium. These tend to be collector’s items and pretty expensive, but it’s worth taking a look.

Of course, most of us don’t find baseball stadium seats to be the most comfortable. If you agree, consider a hybrid of sorts: padded seating in the style of stadium chairs.

For the Movie Buff: Theater Seats

If your idea of relaxation is less sports and more cinematic in nature, consider theater-style seating for your home theater. Install a row or two of comfortable, limited-recline chairs complete with cup holders and even food trays, if you like. With theater-style seating, your home theater gets one step closer to a truly immersive cinematic experience.


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