As fall turns into winter, the world grows cool again and families retreat inside for the long, harsh winter months.

OK, not really: this is Southern California, so it’s more like “people break out the sweaters and hoodies.” But you get the idea. We’re heading into winter and the holiday season, and the weather isn’t quite as lovely as it is the rest of the year.

Why not put the dormant winter months to good use by refreshing your outdoor entertainment space? At Experience Audio Video, we say say “’tis the season” to get your outdoor entertainment space ready for another year or ten of beautiful sunny SoCal entertaining.

Winter Is the Perfect Time to Renovate Your Outdoor Space

We think winter is the perfect time to renovate your outdoor space. Consider this: you’re probably not entertaining outside as often in the winter months as you do throughout the rest of the year. Your space is mostly sitting vacant, gathering outdoor grime from the changing seasons.

And that’s what makes winter the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor space. You’re not using it, and it’s undergoing natural wear and tear anyway.

Waiting Until Spring or Summer Takes Your Space Offline

Consider that if you wait until spring or summer to plan your outdoor entertainment space renovation, you’ll end up taking the space offline right when you and your family need it most. It’ll be under construction during some of the most beautiful months of the year, and you’ll be stuck inside, watching the progress. We think it makes more sense to start a project like this in the cooler months, when you’re more likely to be inside anyways.

Ready to Upgrade?

If your outdoor entertainment space is starting to show its age, let us help you refresh it this winter. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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