Safety is a concern for every homeowner, yet most don’t take adequate precautions to protect against very real threats.

Do you have an alarm system? Does it work? Will it transmit to the local police station or to the alarm company? Is it loud enough to hear outside of the home? Do you remember to set it when you leave the house and before bed at night?

Alarms are only as good as they’re programmed to be, and you’re only human. While you should have an alarm system at home for underlying security, adding security cameras to your home will ensure that all of your house is protected, all of the time.

Security cameras are designed for different functions, and their information can be transmitted in various ways. Most homeowners find that streaming security camera feed to an app on a smartphone, computer, or tablet lets them see what is happening at any time, from anywhere. 

Security cameras come in many different forms, and the right designs and placement for your home will boost your home’s safety immediately. These are a few factors to consider.

Field of View: The larger the field of view, the more you can see. Backyard cameras should have large fields of view, while one focused on just a porch can be smaller.

Low Light: You want your cameras to work at night, in daylight, and in the dimly lit times in between. With a wide aperture camera, you can get better details at dusk and dawn.

Motion Detection: With motion detection, your cameras can let you know via an app or alert that there is movement detected at home, whether it’s a delivery person or your dog chasing its tail.


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