2 Reasons to Choose a Multi-Room Music System for Your Home

One of the many impressive offerings that Experience Audio Video provides to our customers is a multi-room music system. This technology upgrade adds a serious touch of class to any home, allowing users to listen to music throughout the home and to customize their listening experience room to room.

Of course, there are many ways to listen to music today. What makes a multi-room music system the right choice? Here are two reasons you might choose a multi-room music system for your home.

A Multi-Room Music System Gives an Immersive Experience

Music is a powerful thing, and we use it in a wide variety of ways. At its best, listening to music is a fully immersive experience. The listener can get completely lost in a wash of beautiful sound, and if you’ve ever experienced this you know how powerful it can be.

But most home music systems don’t do a very good job at immersive. Your smart speaker can play your favorite tunes and might even sound pretty good where it is, but walk to another room or another floor of your home, and the music is gone.

With a multi-room music system, your favorite music can permeate your entire home, creating the ultimate immersive experience.

A Multi-Room Music System Reduces Music Confusion

Another nagging issue in home music listening is the confusion of a fractured marketplace. Most people’s music collection is scattered across a handful of devices and streaming services both. Your smart speaker may know your favorite songs, but not your spouse’s. And then your kids start asking it for specific songs (Baby Shark, anyone?), and there goes the speaker’s idea about your musical tastes.

In a multi-room music system, you can centralize your library to one database, giving your both control and freedom to reign in the musical confusion.


Building a New Home? Why You Should Wire for Networking

Watch any video advertising about technology today, and you’ll get a singular message: the future is wireless. Truly, you won’t see wires anywhere in commercials from Apple, Google, Microsoft and the rest. They’re ugly and they look cluttered, so let’s innovate ourselves away from them, right?

No. At least, not yet. Sure, the tech gurus have a point that visible, cluttered wires are no one’s idea of luxury. And yes, wireless technology has made major strides in the last decade. But wired networking is still far and away the better choice.

If you’re building a new home, you should wire it thoroughly for networking. Here are a few reasons why.

Follow Their Walk, Not Their Talk

Yes, tech companies have removed wires from their advertising. But if you could peer inside the walls at any of those companies’ headquarters, you know what you’d find? Wires. Gobs and gobs of them.

That’s because they know what we know: wired networking is still the most efficient and reliable option, and it will be for years to come.

You need the most bandwidth possible. Wireless may be sufficient for that standard def video on your phone, but soon you’ll want to push 4K or even 8K streaming to your TV. Can your wireless network handle the strain? Doubtful. You need a wired connection.

Building In Wired Networking Fixes the Clutter

When you build wired networking in from the ground up, you can fix one of the biggest drawbacks to wires: clutter. The reason most people’s wires look terrible is that they aren’t built in. They’re strewn across desks or emerging from uncovered walls. When you build in wired networking, you can run it through the walls, dropping out connection points strategically— only where they’re both needed and out of sight.

Ready to Build?

If you’re ready to build and want to explore wiring for networking, the Experience Audio Video team is here to help. Let’s get started today with a free consultation.


Motorized Shades: A Luxurious Touch for Your Home

Just about every Southern California homeowner wants to add touches of luxury to their home without breaking the bank. You may want to do so simply for your own comfort, or it could be a way to command an even higher premium when selling in an already premium real estate market.

Whatever your reasons, at Experience Audio Video we believe motorized shades are a great choice, especially in sunny Southern California. Upgrading to motorized shades is a luxurious touch for your home, and it’s one that won’t break the bank.

Shade or Sunlight at the Touch of a Button

The technology underlying motorized shades isn’t exactly complicated. When in place, window shades block some, most or all light streaming through windows. We’ve simply added motors and remote controls.

With motorized shades, instead of running through the whole house and pulling each shade down yourself, you simply press a button on a remote to move your shades up or down.

If your home has just one window per room, then motorized shades might not be all that worthwhile of an investment. On the other hand, if your home has lots of natural light—perhaps a whole wall of windows—motorized shades are a no-brainer. The same goes for homes with high-up windows you can’t reach: motorized shades let you control the light even in hard-to-reach spaces.

Many Brands Can Interface with Smart Home Controllers

Many of today’s motorized shades are equipped with smart home technology so that they can be controlled by a smart home system. With this technology, you can program your shades to open and close on a schedule. You can also control them from a distance.

If you’re already using smart home controls (or you want to start doing so), let us know so we can steer you to a compatible brand.


About the Author

Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or info@eav-inc.com for a Free Consultation.


Why It’s Essential To Have The Right Security Cameras For Each Part Of Your Home

Safety is a concern for every homeowner, yet most don’t take adequate precautions to protect against very real threats.

Do you have an alarm system? Does it work? Will it transmit to the local police station or to the alarm company? Is it loud enough to hear outside of the home? Do you remember to set it when you leave the house and before bed at night?

Alarms are only as good as they’re programmed to be, and you’re only human. While you should have an alarm system at home for underlying security, adding security cameras to your home will ensure that all of your house is protected, all of the time.

Security cameras are designed for different functions, and their information can be transmitted in various ways. Most homeowners find that streaming security camera feed to an app on a smartphone, computer, or tablet lets them see what is happening at any time, from anywhere. 

Security cameras come in many different forms, and the right designs and placement for your home will boost your home’s safety immediately. These are a few factors to consider.

Field of View: The larger the field of view, the more you can see. Backyard cameras should have large fields of view, while one focused on just a porch can be smaller.

Low Light: You want your cameras to work at night, in daylight, and in the dimly lit times in between. With a wide aperture camera, you can get better details at dusk and dawn.

Motion Detection: With motion detection, your cameras can let you know via an app or alert that there is movement detected at home, whether it’s a delivery person or your dog chasing its tail.