Your home theater needs a large-enough display to view movies on, and speakers that help to enhance the experience. Of course, comfortable seating will be inviting to your friends and family, making your home theater even more useful.

But one component of your home theater that you might not be thinking about is the overall system control that makes everything work as it should. 

When you want to sit down and watch a movie, you want the experience to be much like it would be if you were turning on the TV in your living room. But unlike your TV, your home theater has multiple components to control — speakers, projectors or display screens — and so your basic remote won’t cut it.

The problem with many home theater remotes is that for the average homeowner, they are needlessly complicated and hard to use. If you can’t remember how to turn on the speakers on the right side of the room, you’re probably not going to watch as many movies.

So how do you choose which control will be right for your needs? Ask yourself these simple questions to get started.

Do you want to control the whole room?

When you use a system like Control4 for your home theater, you can link other parts of the room, such as window covers or lighting, to make your whole room adjustable via a single remote. 

Do you want touch control?

You can opt for remote control of your system using a tablet or similar device that allows you to see and touch each component in your theater. 

Do you want a traditional feel?

You can find something more similar to your TV’s remote, with a simple setup, for some of the basic functions of your home theater.


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