Home theaters are a great way to immerse yourself and your family in a movie. But sometimes, you just want the comfort of a smaller screen and your couch or bed.

When you start a movie in the theater you’d like to finish in your bedroom, what can you do?

With a whole-house video distribution system, not only can you watch any movie in any room, but you’ll also make your life easier in the process. Stop worrying about trying to figure out the video setup in different rooms and make sure you can always access your video content at home, wherever and whenever you want.

And when you install a multi-room video distribution system at home, you’ll receive several other benefits that will have an added positive effect on your household.

Never Press Stop

With a central system like Control4, you can watch your movie on as many screens as you want; it’s as simple as pressing pause in one room and play in another.

Clean Things Up

With a professional audio-video installation team, you’ll be able to get rid of wires, devices, cable boxes, and more. You’ll be free of superfluous devices as your home’s entertainment components will all come from a central system that can be hidden away, leaving rooms cleaner and clutter-free.

Control Things Your Way

Get access to your media any way you want with a remote system tailored to your preferences. Tablets can give touch-screen experiences via app controls, and a universal remote can make sure that you can store away your access any time you want.


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