It might be trendy to talk about “greenifying” your home, but when you make the choice to be eco-friendlier, you’ll reap a whole host of benefits.

For California homeowners, reducing energy and water usage can go a long way towards lessening your impact on the environment. But in addition, being greener has the benefit of saving more green; the less energy you use, the less impact on the earth and on your wallet.

One of the simplest ways to get started using less electricity is by automating your home’s various systems. Lower the blinds remotely on a hot, sunny day to ease the burden on your AC, and turn off your sprinklers from the office when rain is in the forecast. Not only will you start saving, but you’ll also make your life simpler.

When you automate your home’s lighting system, you’ll have the power to control any light in your house. It can be a horrible feeling to realize you left the upstairs lights on before heading out on a trip, and with automation, you can turn them off from wherever you are. You’ll cut down on replacement bulb purchases, and you’ll use less energy that you’re, well, not using.

Some of the easiest ways to go green with an automatic lighting system are:

Motion sensors: You can forget about leaving the bathroom or hallway lights on at night, as motion sensors will illuminate your path when you walk by them and will keep lights off when you’re gone.

Custom settings: Automate your home’s lights to go on and off when you’re traveling, or set simple settings like “home” and “away” that make sure your lighting is the way you want it with the press of a button.

Dimmers: Do you need, or even want, bright lights overhead at all times? Dimmers can cut back on your energy use and make your environment more comfortable. 


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