For California homeowners with small houses, the right audio visual solutions can go a long way towards making a space feel bigger. And the good news is, modern technology has made it so that you can install just about any size system in just about any size home.

In fact, smaller homes often have an advantage when it comes to audio-video quality, not to mention, the final price. You won’t need as many speakers in small rooms, and multi-room music and video distribution won’t need to connect as many spaces as you’d need to in a larger home.

But, as with anything in a smaller home, you’ll want to use your available space as strategically as possible. 

  • Make sure TV displays are placed far enough away from seating areas to allow for comfortable viewing. This chart can help you determine how much distance is ideal between the viewer and the screen and the impact of screen size.
  • Speakers should also be strategically placed so that they don’t dominate any area of a room. When you work with an experienced Orange County audio-video installation team, they’ll be able to help you position things in a way that optimizes your sound. 
  • Consider a compact projector instead of a TV, that allows you to keep your space more open without sacrificing access to entertainment. However, you’ll need to be mindful of things like light from windows, and again, how far seating is from the screen.
  • Have your audio-visual system’s elements built into walls to conceal them further and make rooms feel more spacious. You should also have your installers hide any wires and cords, as these will only make your space feel more cluttered. 

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