When you’re shopping for the right home theater display, you’ll find you have two main options: getting a TV screen, or a projector.

Most people are comfortable with TV screens, and consider projectors to be the stuff of movie theaters and conference rooms. However, for both TV screens and projectors, you can now find high-quality options for far less than they used to be.

But which is right for your home theater? It all comes down to what you want in terms of features.


Your TV is pretty much maintenance-free for its lifespan. Modern LEDs are long-lasting enough that you don’t need to worry about replacing them. But with projectors, you may find you need to replace internal lamps.


The great thing about projectors is that one box can make a huge screen. With TVs, you could be looking at 80-inch plus screens, which will cost more and be a lot more unwieldy. 


While HD and 4k screens are all the rage, it’s crucial to think about your screen size when you’re concerned with resolution. Most new TVs feature this technology, but they also have to be a large enough size to make it count. HD projectors, on the other hand, will give you the resolution that you want.


In a dark room like a home theater, your projection screen will shine. But if you’re in a bright room, a TV screen will handle any additional light with ease.

Room space

While a projector can provide you with a massive screen, you’ll need to be far enough away from it to truly appreciate the quality. If your home theater is small, you may need a TV screen as you can’t get far enough away to enjoy a projector.


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