Upgrading your California property to a smart home will undoubtedly make your life easier. When you can control everything from your lighting to your music, from anywhere, you have more time to enjoy life without worrying about your home’s systems or security.

A smart home will take all the components you use at home and give you the power to control them with a handy remote.

But no two smart home remotes are exactly alike, and in fact, they vary in style, size, and capabilities — which type is right for your home’s setup?

Tabletop Screen Displays And Tablets

Tablets have become popular choices for smart home remotes as they can fit into stands to sit on tabletops or be carried with you around the home. As opposed to traditional remotes, with easy touchscreen displays and numerous size options, you and all your family members will all be able to use it without accessibility concerns.

Traditional Remote Styles

If you like the feel of your TV remote and want something that can blend into the rest of your space, a conventional remote style to control your smart home will be an ideal choice. Not to mention, the majority of traditional-style smart home remotes have been updated far beyond your TV’s, with greater features and greater power.

Voice Activated Remotes

If you’re really looking to up your convenience level, choosing a voice-activated remote control for your smart home system means you can stay in your comfortable position while turning the room’s lights down. Voice-activated remotes can be super handy but aren’t for everyone.


You’ll be able to control your smart home systems from an app on your phone, which ensures that you can take care of anything at home, no matter where you are. In fact, some people even prefer to do the majority of their smart home control through their app.


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