When you truly want a high-quality, all-encompassing entertainment system, you have to consider what you will do with your outdoor space. And for Orange County backyards, you need to have a music system if you want friends and family to enjoy the area year-round.

But playing music outdoors has a host of challenges you won’t find indoors. With no ceilings or walls, it is the installation of your speakers that will have the most impact on how good your sound quality is.

If you want to optimize your outdoor space for music, these tips will help you get started.

  1. Install hidden speakers in plants and foliage

One of the best ways to overcome sound issues outdoors is to have speakers placed around your backyard so that no matter where people are standing, there is a source of sound nearby. An experienced audio-video installation team will help you identify areas where plants and other backyard elements can disguise speakers for a more cohesive look.

  1. Place speakers in covered areas

Do you most often hang out under a covering outside of your living room or another patio space? Be sure to have speakers installed so that you can listen to music as loudly or quietly as you want. Covered areas will also be your best area for storing remotes or other related needs.

  1. Don’t torture your neighbors

If your speakers are facing towards the fence that separates you and your neighbor, they won’t be as excited as you are for your music. Make sure that none of your audio output devices are too close to or pointed at neighboring property lines.

  1. Make your music moveable

When you’re ready to move inside or outside, you might not want to have to restart that last song you were listening to. Instead, with a multiroom music system at your California home, you’ll be able to take your music indoors and out by only pressing a button.

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