One of the most significant functions of modern smart home systems is being able to control your environment with the touch of a button. Adjust the temperature and dim the lamps; even put on some music from the other room.

And don’t forget to include motorized shades as part of your system, so that you can easily let the sun in or out, on demand. Motorized window shades can be useful in many rooms of your home, and can be an easy way to have your whole family be able to adjust them since they will be controlled via remote.

There are some ideal spots to start with when installing motorized shades in your home.

A Home Theater

If you have a window or two in your home theater, you don’t want any glare blocking your viewing, but you may also not want to install curtains. In that case, having motorized shades means you can control lighting with the touch of a button, and you can hide your blinds as quickly as you need to.

A Dining Room

You’re sitting at the table, enjoying your dinner together when you realize a view of the Orange County sunset is all that is missing, Rather than getting up to adjust your windows, click a button and you can lift your shades to see the splendor outside.


Once you’re relaxed and ready for sleep, getting out of bed to close the window shades can be a real drag. With motorized shades, you can open and close them whenever you want, from wherever you are.


When a central system controls your blinds, you can open and close them from anywhere, which means changing up your entryway when you are away to make it look like someone is home. Close them at night and open them during the day and no one will realize your house is empty.

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