Are you building a new home? The earlier in the process that you start planning for your new construction home’s audio-visual systems, the better.

Many residential audio-visual components in Orange County homes look best when set within wall recesses, hiding electronics and power cords. Anticipating these needs while your home is under construction means you won’t have to live with construction again in the future. Plus, you’ll be able to tailor each component of your system to the ideal specifications for each room’s size and shape.

How to Start Your Planning

You’ll want to find a trusted Orange County residential audio-video specialist, and bring them into the construction team early on. They’ll help design rooms for each purpose, and specify things like wiring and electrical outlet placement to facilitate your lifestyle best.

Why to Start Planning Early

Aside from allowing for your audio-visual system to be installed for high-performance, having your A/V team collaborating with builders means they’ll be able to start work on any extensive projects within plenty of time before you move in.

Furniture shopping will also be easier when you know how and where your home A/V system is set up. Make sure any cabinets to hide electronics are the size they need to be and plan for furniture placement based on where your screens are.

Be More Flexible with Changes

Perhaps you have a room in mind for a home theater, but your audio-visual specialist tells you the ceilings are too high for proper acoustics and viewing. When you’ve already moved into a house and dedicated each room to its purpose, it’s harder to be more flexible with changes that may come up. Adjusting your plans in the middle of the building process, however, gives you time to adapt.

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