Home theaters are a great way to add value to your Orange County home, not to mention the endless entertainment they’ll provide for your family and friends.

The essential elements of your theater will be related to audio-visual systems; you want a screen large enough for viewers, and sound that enhances the viewing experience. But other accessories will add even more excitement to help you create a truly unique home theater space.

  1. Sound Control

You don’t want to get up to adjust the sound in the middle of the film, so a remote system that allows you to control audio content and precise sound variations will ensure full relaxation at all times.

  1. Headphones

Do you like to watch movies at the volume they were intended for? Sometimes sound can bleed through walls, so when your wife doesn’t want to listen to the latest action flick, comfortable, high-performance headphones will allow you to watch at any volume.

  1. Power Cord Management

You don’t want power cords running through the middle of your theater, so be sure to have outlets installed in strategic places. The more wires and machinery you can hide, the cleaner your space will feel.

  1. Posters

Get the real-deal effect by hanging movie posters for your favorite films around the theater. Rotate these with easy-to-change frames or go with classic film posters that are timeless.

  1. Popcorn Machine

Finally, make your movie-viewing experience just like the theaters with a popcorn machine. Find an old-fashioned inspired machine and have your home theater installation team create a nook to keep it out of the way.

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