Are you hoping for a home theater but not sure you have enough room for one?

One of the most common misconceptions about home theaters is that they need to be large. But the truth is, you don’t need thousands of extra square footage to create your own home theater that is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

No matter what size your house is, strategizing ways to utilize your theater space most efficiently is possible thanks to advanced audio-visual technology and furniture design.

Don’t give up on your dreams for a home theater, and instead, keep these ideas in mind to get the most out of a smaller space.

Figure out your display: The type of room your theater is in will help you determine what kind of display will work best. If your room is windowless, you can look at projectors, which will allow you to have a considerable screen size at a lower price. But if your room has windows, you might want to consider an LCD screen or other option that will remain bright even when shades are up.

Place seating the ideal distance from the screen: You don’t want viewers to have to sit right on top of your screen, so follow THX guidelines and divide your ideal screen size by 0.84 to calculate the right number of feet away to place your seats. Or, if you have a smaller room that will restrict the amount of space you’ll have from the screen, try multiplying the distance in feet by 0.84 to figure out the right size.

Don’t overdo (or underdo) sound: The number of speakers you need will depend wholly on the size of the room – too many will have viewers focusing on the sound volume rather than the screen, and too few will make for a less satisfying experience.



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