There are plenty of factors to consider when you’re designing a residential home theater. From seating to sound control, you have ample decisions to make when customizing your own space.

But there is one thing that will ultimately raise your home theater to the next level, and it doesn’t have to do with what kind of chairs viewers will be sitting on or what accessories you may have. Using a video projector instead of a large-screen TV for your theater display will make all of the difference anytime someone sits down to watch.

First of all, finding a flat-screen TV at movie theater screen size is impossible. The larger the screen you’re looking at, the more expensive and the less reliable it often becomes. With a projector, you can arrange your home theater so that you are giving viewers the absolute largest viewing space possible. Go as big as your theater space allows, recreating the theater experience at home. Or if you need to, shrink your screen down for more intimate viewings.

While projectors – even high-end ones – will ultimately cost less money and resources, they’ll also make the viewing experience easier on your eyes, literally. With a large screen, images and text are always big enough to be seen without squinting. Additionally, TV screens emit the light that hits your eye, which is harsher than projector screens, which only reflect that light. That means a more comfortable viewing experience for everyone.

Finally, using a projector means cutting down on space usage. Modern projectors hold a lot of capacity in a small device, which means you can quickly move or store yours when it’s not in use.

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