These days, it’s possible to have your home automated in a way that makes everything you do more accessible, from adjusting the thermostat before you get home to playing music in any room.

When it comes to smart homes, Crestron’s home automation system is one of the top reviewed both by homeowners and audio-visual professionals. In part, this is because Crestron designs and manufactures all of the components in their home automation system, which means everything works together seamlessly in the way it is intended to. Installers know that each feature will work with the others as designed, and homeowners will always know that this synchronicity will last along with the system.

Crestron’s systems can be installed in various rooms in your house to enhance the function of that space. Just some of the things you can do include:

  • Quickly look up recipes while checking the front door right from your kitchen’s control pad.
  • Set different dining choices with lights, music, and window shade variations.
  • Turn off all the lights inside and outside of your home right from bed.
  • Adjust your backyard hot tub temperature and jets, so it’s ready right when you are.

You can also tailor your Crestron’s control systems to your liking, thanks to products like Amazon’s Alexa. If you prefer voice activation to dim the lights or turn on the TV, you can have your system set up to handle voice commands. If you prefer to press a button when you want something done, a variety of indoor and outdoor control setups, including waterproof remote controls, will give you the functionality you want, in the way you want.

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