Who doesn’t love getting the whole family together to watch the latest blockbuster or your favorite sitcom? But it can be hard to spend time indoors when the weather is so pleasant outside.

Nowadays, you don’t have to sacrifice cool fall nights or warm summer days, and instead, can set up your own outdoor entertainment system. Be ready to entertain friends and family in your backyard at the drop of a hat with these four outdoor entertainment ideas.

  1. The Comfortable Lounge

Keep things casual with a comfortable – and colorful – lounge space in your backyard. For a more rustic feel, create an outdoor deck with different finishes of wood, and cap things off with a flat-screen TV, plenty of benches and stools for seating, and some simple string lights to up the ambiance.

  1. The Outdoor Theater

With a large projection screen, you can make any movie or TV show come to life in your outdoor theater. You can choose permanent seating or options that can quickly be moved around to different outdoor spaces to allow for a bigger crowd when you have one. Get really authentic and find a popcorn maker so you can serve fresh-popped treats to guests.

  1. The Convertible Space

In some climates, it’s nice to be outdoors nearly year-round, but that doesn’t mean that you always want to be exposed to the elements. Take advantage of patio space right off of your house with a nice-size flatscreen TV, some couches and tables, and outdoor curtains that can be pulled shut to create a real indoor/outdoor entertainment space.

  1. The Pool Party

Have a great pool? Consider placing a large TV or projection screen nearby so that guests can watch while staying cool in the water. Try wiring your backyard area with a sound system so that people can hear no matter where they are.

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